Thirteen Colonies came to the us after sustaining a life threatening suspensory injury at Sam Houston Park in Texas on February 9, 2008.  He was vanned off the track and his outlook was grim.  


After being evaluated, Dr. Young felt TC would make it if he was given a chance with some proper rehabilitation.  We offered to give him the rehab he needed. Joe Petalino graciously vanned him to Oklahoma for us.


After months of rehab in a gel cast, Thirteen Colonies, is a happy horse spending his time grazing with the other permanent horses on 70 acres of pasture land in Ramona, Okla.


He is our big Teddy Bear.

Thirteen Colonies

Bay Gelding

Born: February 23, 2000

Sire: Pleasant Colony

Dam: Shake the Yoke

Racing Career: 41-8-6-5 

Earnings: $146,475

Kentucky Bred